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Prodigals of Monte Carlo

Prodigals of Monte Carlo

Data publikacji: Sep. 27, 2019

Język: polski

Liczba stron: 279

ISBN:: 9788381483155

Opis książki:

He might be almost forgotten now, but Mr. Oppenheim wrote an amazing 116 novels, including many bestsellers. Several are set amid the glamour of Monte Carlo, including this 1920s romantic thriller. The novel has an intriguing start, as handsome and charming Sir Hargrave Wendever gets a nasty shock from the doctor. Wealthy, handsome, intelligent, single, with the world at his feet suddenly he finds his world crumbling. What will he do? He decides to do some good with his money in the time he has left, and offers a penniless young woman a free holiday at his villa, with no strings attached. The reader is transported from the grey fogs of London to the sunshine of Monte Carlo, where, along with the hero and some new friends, the real adventures begin.

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