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The Great Prince Shan

The Great Prince Shan

Data publikacji: Oct. 01, 2019

Język: polski

Liczba stron: 225

ISBN:: 9788381483919

Opis książki:

Written in 1922, this story of world politics in 1934 has everything that goes to the making of an enthralling tale. A theme of present import, an intricate plot full of suspense and surprise, fascinating characters and an unusual love interest. The central figure of this absorbing story is the mysterious and cultured Prince Shan, ruler of China; the heroines are captivating English girl and a exotically beautiful Russian who pit their charm, their loveliness, and their wisdom against each other and against the highly-trained diplomats of many countries. Each of them attempts to influence the decision which may change the map of the world. Will Germany, Russia and China parcel out the world amongst themselves?

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